Wednesday, November 11, 2009

November 11th, 2009.

Well, there's not much to say. I told her I wanted bangs that go across, that were kinda choppy and long. Well.. They're super short. But, I guess I can't complain. I love my new hair color though. It looks like I have red in it here, but that's just the pink that wouldn't come out from Halloween. She even tried bleaching it out! Ugh. It's frustrating. But yeah, so we're watching this movie in English again, and it's about this guy in the army who takes a soldier home after being killed in the war.. I guess we're watching it 'cause today's veteran's day.. I just realized that. Haha. :) Anyways, I'm takin' this movie really seriously, too. I have no idea why, but Mrs. Butterweck's class is really like, just a class that makes me think. If I ever taught, I think I'd want to teach like her..

So anyways.. Our favorite missionary went home today. :( But, he says he's coming back to visit at the end of the month, so that'll be good! Umm. Let's see.. I'm off my crutches!! [: Even better.. I'm out of my boot and in just my ankle brace! It's amazingg. Tomorrow I start physical therapy.. And I'm gonna admit, I'm scared. I better not cry or I'm gonna.. I don't even know. Do something bad. Haha. Anyways, I have one Twilight book down, and one to go before the movie comes out next week. (: I can't wait. But yepp, that about includes everything.. OH! Vote on my new poll!.. Bye. [:

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