Monday, November 9, 2009

November 9th, 2009.

Hi! [: Today's Monday.. Ugh. Haha. Well, let's see, what's been going on in my awesomely boring life? Umm, I started reading the Twilight series again yesterday.. I decided that since New Moon is coming out next week, I should probably brush up cause I haven't read it for awhile. The movie looks SOO much better than Twilight was! My mom got tickets to go see the movie at 3:00 a.m. opening night! I'm so excited! (: Haha but yeah, I'm almost done with the first book so I'll be starting New Moon probably tonight. OH! And tomorrow I go to the doctor to get rid of my lame crutches!! I'm seriously like, going to throw a party because I'm so excited. It's been FIVE weeks! But yeah, in other news.. [: Haha. I've been having really weird dreams lately, and it's like, every night. I think I've had more dreams in just on month that I have in the last two years. They're super cool though, so I guess it all works out. :) Hah oh! Today Kylie called me Kori on accident, but it was kinda funny. :) (Kori has been her other best friend since they were two I think.) Umm. Oh yeah! I go in to get my hair done tomorrow too.. According to my poll, about half of you guys want me to go darker with my hair.. Maybe I should take this as a hint. ;) Haha Just Kiddin'. I think I'm going to go darker anyways because winter is well on it's way. (: Speaking of which, I can't wait for Christmas and Thanksgiving! They are seriously my two favorite holidays. But this year's an off year, so the whole family's going to be going to their other sides. It sucks! But I suppose I can live. Lol. Well.. I think that about covers it. So this pretty much concludes this blog post.. Bye! [:

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