Thursday, November 19, 2009

November 19th, 2009.

It feels like forever since I've posted.. When really it was like, 5 days ago. (: So today's Thursday, but on Tuesday night me and Kylie had to do those stupid stimulator babies.. Ugh. Okay so mine was super bad during the day, then completly shut off during the night. I would've actually slept through the entire night if Kylie hadn't slept over. >:] Her baby woke up every hour on the hour!!
Anywho, we ended up taking the stupidest pictures again, because how can you miss taking them at a sleepover!? :)
So let's see.. What else has happened? Yesterday my mom drug all of the kids down to Tai Pan to do Christmas shopping for our stupid tree. But then she took us shopping and I got the cutest boots EVER!

So today's the last day of the term, and I've actually gotten most of my grades up.. I'm really proud of myself! Lol. And then I make up for it by missing half a day of school to go to the orthodontist. Haha!
OHH! Tomorrow night New Moon comes out!!!! I'm soo excited!! We're going at 3 a.m. (: It's gonna be sweet!! But yeah, that's about all that's happened lately.. Peace out! ;)

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