Tuesday, November 24, 2009

November 24th, 2009.

Whew, it feels like I haven't blogged in forever! Haha I think I said that in my last blog.. But I think it's because a lot has happened since the last time I updated. [: Soo, I went and saw New Moon.. It was pretty good, better than Twilight that's for sure. What's sad is I really used to be "Team Edward" when I read the books, but in the movie it totally seems like Bella is gay and just uses Jacob. So then I jumped to "Team Jacob," but now I'm just going to be neutral until the next movie comes out so I can see how they portray Eclipse. Anyways.. Hmm. What else has happened?.. Last night was the soccer banquet, and I lettered! :) And now like, all I want for Christmas is a letter man's jacket.. Pffft. We'll have to see if that wish gets fulfilled, I suppose. Lol. Oh, and then after the banquet and such, I got pretty sick. I don't think I ever mentioned how I'd get sorta sick on game days for soccer, but I used to get really bad stomach aches. Well I thought maybe I'd just eaten something bad, but my mom, being the quack she is, looked up my symptoms. ;) I guess her and my dad came to the conclusion that I've been having anxiety attacks. And, well, it runs in the family so I guess I shouldn't be suprised. But yeah, that's about all that's happened.. Oh! And Happy Thanksgiving, since I probably won't blog again until after it. [: B'bye.

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