Sunday, August 24, 2014

A new home and lots the ramble about

I seriously can't believe the string of luck (and blessings) that we've received recently! I suddenly came to the realization one day at work, that ultimately we could find a house, our very own house, and pay less for a mortgage payment each month, than we would be for rent.
So my quest began, to find a house. We met and talked with a lending company, but finally got word back that our work history wasn't long enough to qualify for a mortgage, and to come back in a year. Was I sad? A little! But I figured it just wasn't meant to be right now. I also hadn't found any houses that we necessarily liked that were in our price range, so rent we would!
But, a few days ago, I stumbled across a KSL add with a cute little house located over on Ogden's east bench, pretty close to my own parents house! Almost completely remodeled, good sized and a HUGE back yard, and the best part was that it was in our price range! Here's where working for a financial institution really benefits me (us). Haha. We went ahead and got approved for a mortgage, and submitted an offer! And guess what... we got countered on. After some debating, budgeting, and long winded talking, we finally agreed and accepted! We're hoping to close by the end of September. :)
I feel so blessed; there were literally SO many things that had to line up perfectly in the universe, for this to work out for us. I can't thank my lucky stars enough!

Now, onto some stuff that's been eating at me. 
My life isn't perfect, by any means. I don't have a brand new car, I don't get paid as much as I would like, no, I won't be in my "dream home" and no, we don't have enough money to host every bride and groom's dream wedding. But, I'M HAPPY. I am so utterly happy with where I am at right now. I'm 19, I have my car paid off, I'm marrying the man of my dreams, I have a decent job, we're buying our first home, and I have an adorable puppy who I absolutely adore. 
But lately, I've noticed something in many of the people that I know. 
They aren't happy with what they've got. Wanting new cars, bigger homes, granite counter tops, huge engagement rings, kids, expensive weddings, brand name and designer clothes, lavish vacations, the perfect job with no work put in to get them there, etc. 
Growing up, I always heard the term "keeping up with the Jones' " It was something that I always kind of blew off, never really giving much thought to what it meant. But now, I realize and feel that our whole society is so concerned with "keeping up with the Jones' " and having material things. Sometimes I'm listening and talking with someone throughout my day, and I just want to stop them and say, "YOU HAVE PLENTY OF REASONS TO BE HAPPY, STOP WORRYING ABOUT WHAT YOU WANT AND THINK YOU NEED!"
Like I said, I have a car. I have a home. I have a job. I have food in my belly and a bed to sleep in. I have spare money to go camping here and there, and to decorate my apartment. I have SO many people that I love and they love me. AND I'M YOUNG! I have my whole life ahead of me, to go on big vacations and have kids and buy my dream house and car.
Sometimes I just wish people would stop and think about where they're at in life and appreciate what they've got. Because I know someday, when I finally get my dream home, with my dream car and my dream kids, with my dreamy husband and old puppy, I'm going to be able to appreciate those things SO much more, because of the life I've currently been given. 

"There is no success without any struggle" 

Until next time!

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