Sunday, February 10, 2013


I was determined to make it to Ben Lomond's Sweethearts dance this year! Reality has slowly hit me over the last few months and I realized that I won't ever get chances to make memories like these dances have given me once I graduate... soooo... the dance was a go! :)
I was so worried about finding a dress because I'm poor as poor can be.. But once again Bryson showed me just why I love him to death :) okay.. Let me explain..
Last year for sweethearts, I'd bought a flapper dress from a consignment shop, but ended up not going because my date didn't approve of the dress. What was I thinking? I still don't know. Haha.  Anyways, Bryson saw the dress hanging in my closet a couple weeks ago and I explained the situation to him.. He insisted that I wear it and that we go vintage. A keeper? Most definitely :)
So we shopped and shopped and planned and planned and finally the day came! I had my cousin do some pictures for us (I would seriously recommend her for any photo needs, she's AMAZING!), then we came home and I helped Syd get ready since she came with us.. Dinner and nickelcade after! And of course then the dance.. So fun :) now, enjoy some pictures..


  1. you look beautiful and your date looks very handsome. Glad to see you have found that special someone. I wish you nothing but success. Continue to be true to who you are and you will always wear a smile.