Friday, November 4, 2011

Kenz is SEVENTEEN, WHAT! And Halloweeeeeen.

I am officially 17! Crazy right? I sure don't feel it. I woke up on my birthday morning, with no great expectations. Just another birthday, right? WRONG. Wes surprised me with breakfast from Beto's. (My favorite breakfast burritos!), Along with a bag of goodies, including: TWO bottles of my favorite lotion from Bath and Body Works, a big pack of my favorite gum, TWO things of bobby pins, some scentsy room spray, and some chapstick! I sure was happy to call him mine that morning. ;) At school, I was surprised with a thing of balloons and my favorite drink from my mom. Later that night, me and the fam headed to Costa Vida for dinner. (My Favorite place to eat!!) Wes had to work that night, but stopped in unexpectedly once he got off, to drop off yet ANOTHER big present! THREE more bottles of lotion, a necklace and earrings from his family, another chapstick, and my favorite candy's. It was an amazing birthday. :)

Oh, and Yes, this year me and Wes actually dressed up! Although we didn't hit any friend parties, and didn't go trick-or-treating, we still found good use for our costumes. :)
The first place that we wore them, was to his ward's trunk-or-treat. It was a blast! We even brought my siblings over, so they could acquire some candy themselves. I think they enjoyed it too. :)
The second place we wore them, was up to good ol' Perry, for his grandma and grandpa's annual Halloween Party. :) I'd never gone before, and had so much fun! I love his family, they really make me comfortable enough to be myself. 
We also carved pumpkins at the party, Wes' is obviously on the left. ;)
The 3rd place that I wore my costume, was to take Hayden and Slade trick-or-treating on Halloween night. Wes had to work, so it was a one woman show. :( This probably will sound bad... But, I took the kids up to Polepatch up in North Ogden. But man; did they score! I could've probably been voted the world's best sister on Halloween night. :)
Before we bought our costumes, I was kind of in this "feel sorry for myself because I can't trick-or-treat" mood. I figured Halloween was only fun if you were under the age of 13. But this year FOR SURE, has shown me that at any age you can enjoy it! The month of October sure was a memorable one.

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