Sunday, July 17, 2011

Summer Games!

Summer sure has picked up for me, since the last time I blogged on here. :) I've gone down to summer games, brought home a gold, started my program up at Weber State, made a trip down to Grandma's (and Vegas), and have started soccer conditioning! Busy busy!
So first I'll start with Summer Games...
Me and my girls after our first day down there. :)
I titled this picture my, "Wes Moment..."
Not too proud of this one.
After our gold medal game!
Aaaaaand, number ONE! Finally! :)
I'm glad we could finally bring home a gold. I know I'm gonna miss playing with these guys for the next 6 months while we're playing high school.
Here's a few extras from some of our games...
Opening Ceremonies...

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