Tuesday, July 19, 2011

First day at Weber!

So this summer, I got accepted into a six week program up and Weber State. The perks, you ask? Well, besides getting high school credit ahead of when I'm supposed too, AND being introduced and exposed to about any health related career imaginable, I also get paid 1,200$! ;) It's been SO much fun so far! We've gone up to USU and learned about making things for the disabled, we learned how they determine hearing loss in people, we've gone out to Energy Solutions and learned about nuclear waste and energy, we've visited two cadaver labs, learned body fat percent, gone out to Antelope Island and tested water samples, studied organisms through microscopes, and so on. You get the gist. :) And probably the best part about this whole program... Is doing it with my best friend right by my side. :)
Our first day!
 Antelope Island!
First field trip! :)
Aaaand, lunch at the duck pond about every day!

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