Thursday, July 21, 2011


Here's another quick update about school. :)
We went down to the U of U yesterday. First, we visited to college of pharmacy, and we got to make chapstick! I love mine! Then, we went to the food bank and donated our food (all 860lbs.), then sorted about 2,400lbs.! After that, we went to the State Medical Examiner's office... Umm.. Nah. I won't be doing that again. The smell alone had me seeing in tunnel vision, white as a ghost, and shaky kneed. Here's some pictures from lunch yesterday... :)
  We ate on the river! :)
So I guess everyone's been doing this thing called "Planking". Basically, you lay across anything you think would be funny, and do it in the position that my boy is in, in this picture? Haha I've seen some really funny ones, so hopefully we'll have some!
And today... Our math teacher, Mr. Dick, (yes his real name), FINALLY demonstrated his "Pizza Hut" dance for us!

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