Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Answer to the dance, Wes' birthday, and some old pictures. :)

Okay!... He answered me back to the dance. ;) Haha.
Totally him, right? :)
So Weston's birthday was on the 31st.. (shares it with my grandpa) :) But anyways, we had range that day, so after we just went out to dinner.. 
Haha me and Colton and Garett (his brothers) told them it was Wes' birthday..
It took awhile for him to forgive me. ;)
I also got the fish on the right as an early birthday present for him.. 
He's got some weird fascination with them, I swear! :)
And finally.. Here's just some old pictures I found.
Me. :)
Meg, Mal, and Kenz!
Maine! :)

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