Wednesday, April 21, 2010

April 21st, 2O1O.

After Monday ended, I thought for sure this week was going to be like, amazing. On Tuesday I woke up and my eye was almost swollen shut! I have a sty in it. :( I woke up today and it was even worse! 

 I also have a giant blister on the side of my face because my triple barreling iron attacked me! Haha. AND! I'm breaking out, BAD!These last couple of days have seriously just, sucked. So yeah, I'm home from school today. My eye had better start looking better or I'm going to have a mental breakdown or something! Haha. I guess on the plus side, I get to play soccer tonight.. If our game doesn't get canceled because it's been raining. Blah.
I guess one positive thing that has happened this week is.. Nothing! Haha just kidding. Weston's had soccer game's on Monday and Tuesday and I've sat through all four of them, (Varsity and JV) I'm starting to get a serious tan going on. (: Ah, I've missed the nice weather! I can't wait for school to be out, this summer's going to be the best! But yeah, I guess I've gotten all my complaining done for today. (:

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