Sunday, October 25, 2009

October 25th, 2009.

Well, hmm. I'm starting to get sick. :P Headache, mild fever, aches, cough, congestion, etc. As long as it isn't the Swine, then I'll be fine. (: Haha but, I'm just wondering about how much my body can take... Recovering from surgery, and now this! Hahaha. :) Anyways, I figured I'd make one last post going over my entire surgery and recovery, and then not talk about it anymore... On September 3rd, in Ben Lomond High School's first girls soccer game of the regular season against Judge Memorial High School, I played most of the varsity game, then was asked to play Junior Varsity too. I think it was about fifteen minutes into the game when to ball countered, (switched directions) and I turned to defend. Well, I guess I pivoted wrong on my ankle and it dislocated my peroneal tendon, broke the cartlidge or whatever it is that holds my tendons and legiments down, and ripped a hole right down the middle of my tendon. We didn't know until the doctor actually cut me open that I had ripped it though. It was cool, because I could make my tendon flip back and forth over my ankle bone, but eventually it started to hurt, so I avoided doing it after that. On October 7th, I went in for surgery with Doctor Rocco.. Haha I almost passed out when they put the I.V. in me. :) Anyways, he had also schedualed for me to have a gastric slide too. (A gastric slide is when your calf muscle is so tight that it can start to be the cause of ankle injuries. The procedure is just cutting into your calf muscle and lengthening it.) Anyways, my mom had gone home and researched it,  and found that most of the time it didn't work, and even cause more problems. Plus, we were all leery because track is what I do, and when you sprint, you want tight muscles. So we ended up telling him we weren't going to do it, and he got way upset and was almost yelling at my mom. After he got over that, we went into the operating room and I was "put to sleep." (: And then I woke up and was a little sick from the anethstesia, but other than that I was fine. They had put a nerve block on my leg so I wouldn't feel anything for at least 24 hours. On the way home the first thing I craved was soft serve ice cream. :) Anyways, I was on crutches for two weeks, with literally no weight on my foot at all. I even had a huge legit cast that made it SUPER had to take a bath in. :P But then I was under the impression that I'd be off crutches when we went back in for me to get my boot.. Haha, I was wrong. I'm in a boot and still on crutches for three more weeks, with only up to fifty pounds of weight allowed on my ankle. Although I'll admit to breaking the rules and walking on it this past weekend, and I feel no difference. So anyways, after I'm off crutches, I'll still be in my boot for at least a month, then physical therapy for three weeks I think they said. Hopefully I'll be okay to do track this year.. But yeah, there's a recap of what I did playing stupid soccer. [: I'll guess I'll check back in later.. Bye! (:

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