Sunday, September 4, 2011

Staying Busy!

I feel like it's been GO GO GO for me since school started last week! Lot's of soccer, HOMEWORK, family stuff, and friends = one REAL busy Kenz. :) It's been nice, but I'm real thankful for this Labor Day weekend, so I can just chill. As far as soccer goes, we've won 5 games including preseason, and lost 3. I think.... Haha I finally made the paper! Like my picture was in there. :) I was way excited! I've also been mentioned about.. 4 times I think. But now I'm on the other side of the field as far as positions go.. they needed help defensively on our team, so I'm back playing defense. You gotta do what ya gotta do to win, right? :) So hopefully this will help us out. Here's some pictures from my crazy life lately...
We matched. ;)
Craziest bus ride of my life! We had ourselves a miniature rave in the back of the bus!
Minus the drugs and alcohol and half naked people, of course. :)
Buddyz. :)
Char-Weeeee loves meee :)
The "I'm not tired look!" (:
And last but not least... Meaners ran away or got eaten by something up above our house. :(
I was really upset over it, but a quick phone call to Wes fixed me up for awhile... a few days later, he shows up with this cutie. :) I named her Marley and she's a little spitfire!

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